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I live in Alberta. I've been married forever. We have 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. Ages 21, 14, 13, the boy being the youngest. My wife 'Yes Dear' does not hunt or fish. She paints mud. {ceramics} I don't touch her mud, she doesn't touch my guns. Works for me.

My resume says that I am Jim Renaud, guide/outfitter. Do not be fooled by that. I am really Redfrog, coyote nemesis. Contrary to popular belief, coyotes are not part of the food chain. They are part of a conspiracy to get my sorry butt dragged all over the countryside, at ungodly hours and in any kind of weather. Predator hunting is not a matter of life or death, it's much more important than that. Oh I could quit any time, no really, I'm not addicted. I've just decided that I'll wait until I'm dead to quit.

I've hunted for over 50 years. As far back as I can remember I've hunted. I feel sometimes that I was born hunting. I started using firearms as a teenager, but I used anything available before that. Now I make a living doing the thing that has been a lifelong passion. I have hunted across Canada and in the U.S. It's hard to say what my favorite quarry is. I will say after hunting deer for 30 days straight last fall, I was ready for a change. This is the first part of April; I've been hunting coyotes since Dec.1. They are breeding/whelping now so I've been restricting my activities to areas where they are causing problems for the ranchers. If they weren't whelping, I would still be actively calling them.

I don't think there is a type of hunting that I don't enjoy. I hunt birds with my dogs. I've hunted rabbits, coons and bears with hounds. I've climbed to what seemed to be the top of the world for sheep and goats. I've hunted on snowshoes in 5 feet of snow for moose. Nothing compares to lying on the prairie with hand calls, having 3 or 4 coyotes come from a mile away on the dead run, only to realize their error when they are 30 yards away. Yep, I could do this all day.

I've been a firearms/hunter safety instructor since 1974. It's been almost as much fun as the hunting. Getting new people into the sport is vital if we're to continue hunting. Our sport is under attack daily. We must get involved through gun clubs and lobby groups. If we don't hang together, we shall surely all hang separately. It doesn't matter where we call home; we're all under attack as a family. We had better look after each other.

Predator Masters is focused on the preservation and enhancement of the sport. I'm proud to have an opportunity to be a small part of this organization, and to be able to contribute. It is an honor to be in the company of such dedicated individuals.


Redfrog Outfitters

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